User Agreement Youtube

BuzzFeedBlue is another popular YouTube channel that users can subscribe to. There is no legal agreement in the tab about this page, but there is a link to the main Buzzfeed site: You retain all your property rights over your content. In a word, what belongs to you is yours. However, we require that you grant certain rights to YouTube and other users of the service, as described below. Apart from the rights and responsibilities described in this section (in the event of a problem or disagreement), Google is not responsible for any other losses, unless they are caused by our violation of these conditions or by additional service-specific conditions. These terms of use govern your use of the platform. By accessing the platform or using it, you accept these terms of use in their entirety and without reservation. Certain terms of use may exceptionally be cancelled for organizations that have a separate, written and duly signed framework contract, contract or partnership contract with Moovly. Compensation. YouTube, its affiliates and related parties of any claim, costs, losses, damages, commitments, judgments, rights (including reasonable fees for lawyer and other professionals) and expenses arising from or related to claims, shares or proceedings (all « claims ») of a third party arising from (i) , or any use of YouTube API services by you, those acting on your behalf , your API customers or one of your users (ii) a real or alleged violation of the agreement (or part of it) by you, those acting on your behalf, your (s) customer (s) or your user, including any actual or alleged violation of a third party`s right (including any intellectual property or other property rights, privacy, confidentiality or advertising rights) by you, those who act on your behalf , your API customers or your user or (iii) content, data, technologies or materials provided or provided by or above you, those acting on your behalf, your customer (s) of API or your user, not by YouTube, its affiliates and associated parties. YouTube users can then subscribe to these channels and receive more accurate videos based on your preferences. We will inform you of the reason for youTube`s termination or suspension, unless we reasonably believe that this is the case: (a) would be contrary to the law or management of a law enforcement service or, failing that, risk the legal liability of YouTube or our affiliates; (b) would impair an investigation, integrity or operation of the service; or (c) would cause harm to any user, other third parties, YouTube or our affiliates. When YouTube leaves your access to service changes, you will have enough time to export your content out of service, as far as reasonably possible.

Although there are no legal agreement links in the « On » tab for MovieClips, legal links of agreement are available on the MovieClips website, which is linked to the image above. While YouTube does not seem to require creators to add links to their legal agreements in their channel`s « about » tab, including links such as your privacy policy or general terms of sale, there is something to keep in mind.