Run `tf Eula` To Accept The End User License Agreement

Connect to the computer using an account with the administration information. Any use that the license makes available to third parties in the context of accommodation, rental or leasing is prohibited. Changes to this agreement must be made in writing. Oral agreements are not considered valid. « Redistributables » refers to the example of code, library files, configuration files, header files and all other arm-owned tools or arm components (or arm licensed and made available to you under arm conditions) that you can add to your software and sublicensor in your software to third parties whose details (if any) are mentioned in a file or folder (the « Redistributable File »). , commonly referred to as « Redistributables File, » components of it). End user support: end-users` questions about the overall use of the software. Technical support: assistance for the installation and configuration of the solution, as well as for the resolution of technical problems. What is good is that I executed the command tf eula and I accepted the EULA. 9.1 Arm tools may contain hardware that belongs to third parties or has been developed by third parties, including, but not limited to, open source software, free software and commercial software (« third-party hardware »). Any third-party equipment is subject to the terms and conditions of the foreign equipment licence and is not subject to the terms of this licence. Details of these third-party materials are either presented at the time of installation or listed in the license file (third-party licenses).

The use of these materials by third parties is subject to compliance with the existing (s) license (s) of third-party equipment. (ii) You are not allowed to market or sublicensing parts of your software, hardware or reports developed under that license. Arm tools can only be used by you and your authorized users, and you cannot allow third parties to use arm tools (unless written permission by Arm). A LICENSE NUMBER is provided for a specific installation number (click here for help with a Wordfast Classic installation number, here for help with a Wordfast Professional installation number). Your installation number reflects some unique features of your computer that may change when you format your hard drive, change your operating system or Microsoft Word ™ version, or migrate to another computer. In this case, you need to reinstall the software and then click here to renew your license number (« Re-license »). This process is free for three years from the date of purchase and can be repeated if necessary to keep your software installation running for those three years. If you use this license extension more than 4 times a year, we need an email request to continue to license. After verification, your application will most likely be accepted. We reserve the right to terminate the provision of licence numbers in a (very unlikely) case of abuse of this multiple re-licensing policy. The client has the right to make backup copies and copies of the user`s documentation for internal use.

The customer is required to protect the software and all documents from unauthorized copying. (a) use of each authorized seat (i) by a person with the name of a licensed user only on a specific item of computer hardware (« Named User Lizenz »), or (ii) by a single user approved at the same time only on a specific element of computer hardware (`node-locked license`), OR (iii) by one individualed User at a time on specified items of computer`s (license license`). With respect to « node-closed licences, » each seat granted can only be used for one « process » at the same time. For the purposes of this sub-clause 2.3 (a), any « process » is the execution of an instance of an arm tool; or 365.retail is allowed per user within a Microsoft CRM organization.