Lease Agreement For Food Stamps

I live with my friend and I pay the rent. I called SNAP to get branded food services, but I said I paid less than I paid, because she didn`t want to own it and she had to start paying taxes. She lives in a small condo and pays a mortgage. I received $16.00 a month (My God) and I finally called and explained that I was renting more than I originally wanted and that my girlfriend didn`t want to get into an owner/tenant relationship and didn`t want to get it and start paying taxes etc, because it`s more like us roommates. The woman at the DTA/SNAP benefits office stated that she did not have to claim it or pay taxes. We finally breathed a sign of relief, as I was by the bell just trying to get the handicap! You said directly under « Rental and Portal »: « If you pay rent to someone, that person is considered to have income. This should be reported to the IRS or other agencies from which your landlord must report income. And now she`s so worried. I pay more than the rules of the ISS. I didn`t know anything about this stuff and I didn`t even know I had rent increases to report to SSI. I knew I had to go to SNAP. So we`re pretty freaked out of it all and I live on the verge of that anxiety and depression.

I think DTA or maybe it was SSI sent me a letter saying I was 125% (BELOW) the poverty line!! So, basically, they tell me I`m dead!! I only did this once, and it was for the child. I went to get rent from a single mother with an old 3yr. She was short and went into the room to look for more money. The child cried and said « hungry. » I looked in the fridge and there was no milk, no juice, no real food – but there was beer and coke. At the time, I took the rent and left. The following week, she came with a WIC form. WiC only allows them to buy milk/cheese/ceriel, etc., no money – only grocery food. Your doctor had already filled out a part that said the child was 2.5 years old – not 3! So there was already an adult. I had to fill out the part where I certified the « expenses ». I didn`t lie – I didn`t include the actual cost of rent, service benefits.

I have no choice, she had a relative who paid her for it. I wanted there to be at least cheese and milk and cash in the house for the child. Paying for any amount of services, or even $10, can also have a big impact on food brands in some states. The rules of SNAP Utilities I needed a competitor if I applied for the rent of my place. Employment and family services want a copy of my lease. The father of my child is also in the lease, but does not live there. He doesn`t have a key. And don`t pay child care, let alone rent or incidental fees. Will this have an impact on our SNAP benefits, it only brings the lease, but does not live there? No no. She just told them they were temporarily living with us until they could save money and find their own place. In fact, my husband and I are moving in with my aunt, who is really sick and needs my help.

So we decided to let my daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren stay in our house. You`re going to pay rent. Don`t blame you very much. But he`ll pay for all the services. What is right is that they are all in my name bc this is my house, so I would prefer them to stay that way if possible.