Heavy Deposit Rent Agreement

Mriganshi This writes: « I was flat hunting and I found a place in Chandivali, Mumbai. I liked the house and I agreed to pay 16,000 as monthly rent and Rs 50,000 on bail. I had also asked the owner to provide me with a new refrigerator and to keep it ready until I moved in. We agreed and I paid the deposit to the owner while I took a receipt on the owner`s ID card and agreed that I would move in from the beginning of next month. We should reach this agreement two days before my agreement. In the meantime, my husband has received a transfer notice to another city, and we have to leave Mumbai. Today, when I told the owner that we are not going to enter the apartment, he said that he would not return the deposit, and if he returned, he would reduce the amount of the new refrigerator that he bought at our request. Please drive. 3. However, since you wish to evacuate, for this you must respect your agreement and the termination clause 4) if it does not rem predict the down payment after the expiry of the contract, then you can sue the lessor to recover your money with interest The licensee will pay an amount of Rs. This bond is subject to refund to the interest-free licensee at the time of the expiry/withdrawal of this contract and subject to deductions such as unpaid electricity bill, telephone bill, cable charges, parking charges, pipeline gas charges, compensation, repair, etc., which the licensee may then be allowed to receive and recover from the licensee. At the time of the release of the deposit to the licensee, the licensee retains three months of average electricity bills, telephone bills, pipeline gas royalties and cable and parking charges, adjusted for the period during which the licensee worked in the occupancy of that dwelling.